The Legacy Of 2020

The Legacy Of 2020
What will be the legacy of 2020?

What to Leave And What To Take Into The New Year.

Every year around this time, people start to get restless to flip the page in the calendar and wipe the slate clean. Out with the old and in with the new! Those feelings are turned up to eleven in a year like 2020, which at times has felt like a dumpster fire. As the internet is flooded with memes and commentary about all the things we’ll leave behind on December 31, let’s remember that not everything gets left behind when the clock strikes midnight.

What will you be bringing with you into the new year? Stress and anxiety over the pandemic that is still largely out of control? A creaky back and a leaky roof as a lasting impact from the derecho? Anxious kids with challenging behaviors due to the constant change of schedule? A job that you hate but are too nervous to leave in a tumultuous economy? The slate is not wiped clean just because we write 2021 on our checks now. 

But maybe, that’s a good thing. 

Maybe we should hold on to 2020, at least a little bit. Just bare with me here… There are some things that we fought like hell for in 2020 that we definitely don’t want erased. You might bring with you the newfound awareness of the real-life racism that is STILL happening in our country. Or the progress made from hard conversations with your boss about inclusion and equity. Or the freedom you feel after telling your uncle that YES his jokes ARE offensive. Maybe in 2021, you’re bringing with you the new recipe that you mastered while restaurants were closed. And you BETTER be bringing with you that new Tik Tok dance routine that you stayed up late to memorize with your kid.

Of course a new year is exciting and refreshing and can give us all a much needed boost of productivity, just don’t be too quick to wipe the slate totally clean. As you raise a toast on New Year’s Eve (maybe in your pajamas at 9PM, no judgement here), look at far you’ve come – how far we’ve ALL come – in the last 12 months. 2020 was hard – like, really hard – but with these hard lessons learned, we are better equipped to face whatever 2021 has in store.