Diversity Straight Up Podcast hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington

In the latest episodes, hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington talk with Alanna Arrington, Anthony’s daughter, about about her life as a global supermodel and diversity and equity issues in the world of high fashion.

Prejudice and biases play out in our brains, whether we're aware or not. We can overcome these implicit biases by committing to learning and growth.

Businesses are beginning to realize that they have privilege, power, and platform to make a difference in the world. With this increased awareness, comes increased responsibility.

In the latest (remote) episode of the CBJ podcast, “Diversity Straight Up,” hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington talk with Suresh Gunasekaran, CEO of University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, about caring for diverse communities during a pandemic, leading change …

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Guest Column | By Alfred Ramirez, Sarika Bhakta, Anthony Arrington, Nicholas Ford and Joe Coffey What are you choosing to give up and/or accept as your company adopts a “new now” during the COVID-19 pandemic? The decisions being made right …

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