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Breaking Barriers DEI&B Podcast

Breaking Barriers is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging podcast (DEI&B) that’s all about having raw conversations. Companies have been “using” diversity as a buzzword to distract from the truth. 

DEI&B isn’t something you do. Your business is either living this stuff or it’s not. 

With our guests, we will talk about the real issues that create barriers to a diverse, equitable, inclusive culture where people feel like they belong.

Whether you are a Small business, Enterprise, or community Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are the keys to your success. Our DEI&B podcast is energetic and fun. 

Our show is centered around where our expert guests lead the conversation. We are the guides on your DEI Journey. If you want a newscast show, this ain’t the Diversity podcast for you. If you want real talk, and honest solutions that inspire you to take real actions that lead to change, then we got you!


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Unleash the Power of Self-Care While Building a Healthy Diverse Environment: S01 E04

Building a relationship is an essential step in the process of developing self-awareness. By connecting with others, we are able to gain new perspectives and understand different viewpoints.

This in ...
turn allows us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our own thoughts, beliefs and actions. This self-awareness is crucial in creating an environment and spaces that are inclusive of all people.

When we are able to truly listen and hear others, without judgment, we create a space that is safe and welcoming for everyone to express themselves.

This allows for a diversity of ideas and perspectives to be shared, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the world around us. By valuing and loving the unique perspectives of others, we foster a sense of community and belonging.

Future Cain is an expert in leadership, education, wellness, self-care motivation, social emotional intelligence, and equity with over 20 years of experience.

she believes in the importance of self-awareness, authenticity and the wellness of all.

She offers to strategize and collaborate with organizations to promote social emotional leadership, innovation, and diversity equity & inclusion. Future’s mission is to ensure all people are living and leading well.

Future shares with us how self care and mental health impact diversity and equity in the workplace.

Together we explore how the use of self care can improve your businesses DEI & B efforts.

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“Diversity Straight Up” hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington dig into the topics of equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement (EDI&E) through authentic and challenging conversations with C-suite leaders. Expect frank questions and honest answers, and real-life lessons on how to leverage diversity as an asset, rather than see it as a liability.

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