Meet Nick Ford

Nicholas Ford, CDE, was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After graduating high school, joining the United States Navy in their Nuclear Power Program, he served for over 20 years as both an Enlisted Member and a Commissioned Officer. Nick held many management positions during his naval career in addition to the operation, maintenance, training, oversight of nuclear reactors, and the operations, safety, and navigation of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in and out of combat areas. Throughout his career he has worked with thousands of individuals from many different backgrounds and cultures. His professional travels allowed him firsthand experience of varied cultures and countries, where he saw firsthand the benefits of diversity, inclusion and engagement, including the strength and innovation of his own teams by their diversity. Nick is driven by his passion to help people and businesses succeed, which is why he and his family returned to his hometown with a goal to give back what he has learned to his city.

Upon returning home in 2008 and working in the private sector, Nick pivoted his focus from Nuclear Energy to Business. He attended Coe College where he was a member of the Sigma Beta Delta National Honor Society, graduating with honors, now holding a BA in Business Administration.

After graduation, Nick explored many possibilities including work in the entrepreneurial community and greatly enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs. Nicholas has a passion for helping people find opportunities for growth. Nick volunteers and serves on the boards of various non-profit organizations that aid and assist in the development of youth in Cedar Rapids. He currently serves on the board of the Boys and Girls Club and is a staunch advocate for individuals being able to achieve their highest potential regardless of cultural and societal barriers. He strongly believes in the social and economic benefits of diversity and inclusion being incorporated in every aspect of their lives.

Nick is a skilled presenter, speaker and interviewer. He has hosted the video series “Breaking Barriers” a Top Rank Production. Contact Nick