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Leaders are visionaries, and as a visionary who understands the changing demographics of society, perhaps you are in an organization that does not actively focus on diversity and inclusion as part of the fabric of their future. Maybe you are no longer challenged professionally, or are no longer in a position of influence, or have learned of pending organization structure changes – or perhaps you simply want a change in your career path. Whatever the reason for your desire to take your leadership and talents elsewhere, Top RANK is here to help.

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Whether you desire a confidential search or open search, Top RANK strives to be your eyes and ears and to market your professional skills to the organizations that meet your career objectives. We understand that as an executive/leader, your search is not just about a job. Rather, it is about your professional career, your family, your financial security, and your ability to make an impact as a leader.  

We take your search seriously, and this is our commitment to you as our valued candidate: No Charges We will not charge you a dime for our services — ever. Our compensation comes from the companies who hire our candidates, not you.

Our brand Promise

transparent communications

Transparent Communication

Your next career move is an important one, and we fully recognize this. It is not secret that Top RANK is in business to make a profit, no different than your desire to be fairly compensated as a leader. However, we are NOT in the business of making money off of the misery of our clients or candidates. So, while the decision to accept a job offer is yours, we will always advocate for the best job offer, and be as transparent as possible if we feel a position is not the best fit for you or learn of information from a client that will affect your decision.

You have our confidence


We will maintain whatever level of confidentiality you desire for your career search. We understand the sensitivity to job searches for company executives/leaders, especially if you are currently employed. We take the integrity of our organization very seriously, so you can count on Top RANK to ensure your identity is kept private until you authorize the release.

Understanding the candidates needs

Understanding of Your Needs

We will ensure through our intake discovery that we have a thorough understanding of your career objectives, including but not limited to your requirements for salary, benefits, relocation, community desires, company size, industry, etc.


 Top RANK strives to be an extension of our clients and candidates through exceptional recruiting, consulting, and career search services.

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