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Top RANK will leverage years of experience in various industries to seek the best talent through a variety of tactics, including proactive networking activities leveraging personal and professional contacts, associations, and other touch points in your local market wherever possible, and globally as needed.

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Executive Professional Search Services

Our brand Promise

executive professional job search cedar rapids iowa

Creative search strategies

We will utilize search techniques that give us the best opportunity to attract not only the skills that you seek, but the widest pool of diverse candidates.

executive professional employment search cedar rapids iowa

Thorough discovery process

We will ensure that we have a complete understanding of the skills you seek in the positions that you need.

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More than a transactional partnership

We aim to build a relationship with your organization beyond learning the skills required to fill a position. We will learn about your culture and help your company remain a lasting place for talented leaders, executives, and professionals to flourish, and were EDI&E is built into the fabric of your culture.

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More than post-and-pray

Top RANK will always take advantage of job boards, social media marketing, appropriate print/industry advertising, and other mediums where appropriate. However, we will seek the best talent through proactive networking activities, leveraging personal and professional contacts, associations, and other touch points in the markets we serve.

executive professional talent acquisition search cedar rapids iowa

Encourage collaboration

We will highly encourage suggestions from you on other strategies to attract the right candidate to your company. We love to listen to our clients, because you know your organization better than we do!

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Transparent communication

We feel that quality communication is key to any relationship, both personally and professionally. We will communicate in whatever method and frequency you desire to ensure you are kept abreast in a timely fashion during every step in our journey.

xecutive Job Search & Professional Talent Solutions | Top RANK - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

How We Do It:

Top RANK understands that your time and money are valuable, and it is important to your business that you find the best talent in an efficient manner. However, we also know that the quality of the talent you seek is even more important. Therefore, we do not just “throw candidates at the wall to see who sticks”. You can rest assured that when we present a candidate to you that they have been thoroughly vetted because of the quality of our 5-Star Process, which can be easily customized to accommodate your specific needs.

Top RANK's 5-Star Process

Top RANK | Professional & Executive Search Firm | Cedar Rapids Iowa

1. Comprehensive Discovery Meeting

Whenever possible, Top RANK will meet onsite with your leadership, and if possible, the hiring manager who will work closely with the candidate. Top RANK will review the job-specific description to ensure we understand the education, skills, and experience required to perform the duties of the job. However, we want to go deeper with our understanding of the talent you seek. We want to learn about your history, your day-to-day operations, and most importantly, your people culture, all of which is critical to Top RANK’s success at attracting the right fit for your organization.

Top RANK | Professional & Executive Search Firm | Cedar Rapids Iowa

2. Commence with Sourcing Strategy

Top RANK will take the information learned from our discovery and implement a recruiting strategy for your organization and begin to compile qualified candidates for the position(s). The marketing plan will include traditional job boards and social media efforts, but most importantly, will include proactive sourcing efforts by tapping into our vast professional and personal networks.

Top RANK | Professional & Executive Search Firm | Cedar Rapids Iowa

3. Recruiting, Presentations, Interviews

Top RANK will begin contacting and conducting detailed phone screens with selected candidates, ensuring that we focus both on the need to sell the benefits of working for your company, and also probing with appropriate questions to learn more about the candidate. We will coordinate interviews with candidates at your discretion.

Top RANK | Professional & Executive Search Firm | Cedar Rapids Iowa

4. Assessments and Hiring Support ​

We will partner with our clients as requested to facilitate any assessments, arrange or perform background checks, prepare and negotiate the offer, assist with relocation logistics, connect candidates to the community organizations, and other reasonable support.

Top RANK | Professional & Executive Search Firm | Cedar Rapids Iowa

5. Candidate Placement Follow Up ​

We will follow up with you and the candidate to ensure a smooth transition is taking place and that you are satisfied with the talent gained at your establishment and that the candidate feels satisfied with their decision to join your organization. We take pride at Top RANK in our desire to develop long term relationships for our clients and candidates.


 Top RANK strives to be an extension of our clients and candidates through exceptional recruiting, consulting, and career search services.

Consulting Services

Top RANK will provide superior EDI&E solutions. Our goal will be to enhance your workplace culture by breaking barriers to be successful in today’s global workforce and marketplace.

Your most important asset is your people!  We will work with you on creative strategies that work best to establish a welcoming workplace for all employees, which will grow your business and grow your community!

We will customize a development engagement plan for your organization that may include any of the following:

  • Retreats and strategic planning 
  • One-on-one mentorship/coaching for executives and other leaders and professionals
  • Team building initiatives 
  • Lunch and learn presentations
  • Focus group discussions/community meetings
  • Cultural awareness and water cooler skills
  • Workshops
  • Keynotes

…and more

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