Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
It's time to take inventory of all the JUNK, to make room for the FRESH.

There is something about the sunshine and “warm” temperatures (for Iowa, that basically means anything above 30 degrees) that makes us all want to open the windows and organize the closets. Maybe – if you’re feeling really bold – you even move the couch and shine the light of day on that dirt and dust. It’s refreshing to go through all the STUFF we’ve accumulated and discard those items that no longer serve us.

The pants that don’t fit after the “COVID-15” and the t-shirt from that concert that high school concert you can barely remember. The old text book from that math course that you haven’t cracked open in years, and the trinkets you picked up from someone somewhere along the way… Whatever the specific item is for you, it feels GOOD to remove the excess. It feels good to eliminate the stuff that no longer fits – and to make room for more stuff that does fit! 

Maybe you see where we’re going with this…

We can – and should – apply this same “Spring Cleaning” mentality to everything in our lives. Start taking inventory of your life. WHERE are you spending your time? WHO are you sharing your ideas with? And WHAT is consuming your thoughts? What do you need to throw out? Which items are no longer serving you? What just doesn’t fit anymore? 

Just like in our closets at home, we have to remove the junk from our lives to make room for new, fresh ideas. You know what that junk is, so are you ready to get rid of it?

Of course, we could start listing out all the places where you you can start trimming… But something about that just doesn’t feel right. You have to be responsible for the inventory of your own life. What doesn’t fit? Which items are out of style? What ideas do you need to make room for?

You can start today.