We can no longer be silent, we must be honest

We can no longer be silent, we must be honest
At Top RANK, we cannot stay silent. This is a time to be brutally honest.

As professionals in the equity, diversity, inclusion, and engagement space, we work really hard to emphasize some of the key components that are required to truly drive change in how we embrace and leverage each other’s differences on this planet. One of the most important components is the willingness to have honest, difficult conversations. At Top RANK, we must be honest today.

The insurrection that we witnessed on January 6, 2021 at our nation’s capital and other state buildings was the culmination of a dark history in our country. A history that has time and time again demonstrated that there is a different world for white America. A world of power and privilege that no other non-white humans have ever experienced. It is rooted in generations of control by those who have it.

The changing demographics in America, and the inevitable fact that white people will no longer be the majority of the population by 2045, has this segment of America that we witnessed on January 6 afraid. Afraid that something is being taken away from them; that we cannot live in the harmony of an ethnically diverse society where we all contribute and share power. Instead, they will do anything possible to maintain power (or perceived power, as most have a faux sense of reality), no matter the societal consequences or lives lost. 

We saw a confederate flag being flown with pride by a rioter in the halls of the United States Capital.  Let that sink in for a minute.

Here is the truly sad part of this dark, racist attack on our democracy: 

There are people in power who helped incite this sickening violence, and Americans who have stood by silently, comfortable with the status quo, while this time-bomb was ticking.

At Top RANK, we cannot stay silent. This is a time to be brutally honest. If we are not willing to confront the underbelly of our racist American story in an honest way that allows space for understanding each other and self-reflection, then we will continue to experience American turmoil in the name of white supremacy like we just witnessed.

We are calling on you to no longer remain silent.  We have to be honest.