Systemic Oppression: In the streets and in the workplace

Systemic Oppression: In the streets and in the workplace
Prejudice and biases play out in our brains, whether we're aware or not. We can overcome these implicit biases by committing to learning and growth.

This past year has flipped our world upside down and forced us to rethink not how we do business, who we do business with, and what our workforce looks like. COVID-19 has created challenges that businesses have never had to face before: remote employees, supply chain breakdowns, business restrictions and even mandated closures in some areas.

The recent civil unrest and turbulence due to the senseless shootings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake, has awakened many people and organizations to the long-standing systemic racism that still exists in this country. Employers and employees alike have had to make difficult decisions to ensure that they are living up to their moral and business responsibilities.

Top RANK Managing Partner, Anthony Arrington, discusses systemic oppression and how it plays out in the workplace.

Businesses are beginning to realize that they have privilege, power, and platform to make a difference in the world. With this increased awareness, comes increased responsibility. It is not enough to simply be a non-racist. Instead, people and businesses must become active anti-racists in our personal lives, jobs, and communities. 

The question often becomes, “how is this effecting business?” and it absolutely is.

Leaders must train themselves and their team members to recognize implicit bias and how to counteract it. Implicit bias is based on the news we see, the movies we watch, conversations we have, and our own experiences from years and years ago. These perceptions can change the way we think, the questions we ask, and ultimately the decisions we make.

Top RANK is proud to be a leader in these topics. We feel passionate about developing leaders to be better equipped to contribute to the workforce and the world. If you or your business is interested in learning more, contact us for a consultation!