Slow job market impacting eastern Iowa staffing agencies – KCRG TV9

Slow job market impacting eastern Iowa staffing agencies – KCRG TV9

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the job market, making it hard for some local staffing agencies to find jobs for some of their clients.

Staffing agency Top Rank in Cedar Rapids said many business aren’t hiring. Half of the jobs they were working on for their clients have been put on hold.

Workers at Top Rank are trying not to get stressed out about something they can’t control. They’re moving beyond jobs in some industries like financial jobs, and instead focusing on getting people to work in industries that are still hiring, like healthcare.

Leaders at Top Rank say some companies are scared about their future. They don’t want to take the risk of hiring someone, and then paying the staffing agency a fee for it to not work out.

“A lot of it depends on how our client is structured to deal through this crisis too,” said Nick Ford, owner of Top Rank. “If it’s a company that was kind of going by easily too, and it kind of put a kink in their plans, we understand that. It’s tough.”

Top Rank is also looking to place people into corporate positions as well.
There’s still (Chief Operation Officers) and (Vice Presidents) of retail and jobs like that,” said Ford. “They’re still, they need to hire those positions. Some of these are critical positions that they’ve been without for a while, and for them to have these positions filled coming out of this crisis is important too.”

Top Rank is staying in contact with its clients and businesses to keep working with them after this is done.

Ford says America was on the verge to do more working from home, but this sped up the curve. They don’t see it going away completely. They think job interviews will still be done face to face.

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